The Emergence of A Side Productions

A Chance Meeting in a Swedish Record Store

Per Magnusson

It all got started with a random encounter in 1992. Considering how much time the two music lovers, Per Magnusson and David Kreuger, spent in record stores, though, maybe the meeting wasn't so random after all. Magnusson/Kreuger happened to find themselves in the same Stockholm music store at the same time, struck up a conversation, and immediately hit it off.

Soon afterward, they began writing music together. One day they got the chance to play one of their songs for Denniz PoP, whom David Kreuger knew from his days on Stockholm's DJ circuit. Denniz had recently joined up with Tom Talomaa to create the now-legendary recording studio and music production company, Cheiron. Denniz liked what he heard and invited Magnusson/Kreuger aboard as writers/producers.

David Kreuger

From 1993 through 1997, Magnusson / Kreuger's projects met success across the globe: The tandem produced the first two albums for the Swedish female artist, Dede. Both records went gold in Japan. Another production, Dreamworld's single, "Movin' Up", hit gold in Australia. They produced songs on E-Type's second and third albums: "You Will Always (Be a Part Of Me)", "Princess of Egypt", and "I Will Always Be Around". Also the duo produced "Walk Away" for Solid Harmonie and wrote and produced the single "Sex U Up (The Way You Like It)" for Lyte Funkie Ones (L.F.O.).

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