The Emergence of A Side Productions

New Opera Crossover Quartet Turns to A Side

Simon Cowell invented in 2002 a new concept featuring renowned young male singers interpreting romantic songs in opera style. A worldwide search began and after two years and numerous auditions "Il Divo" was formed. Few had anticipated what was coming …

In early summer 2004, Il Divo started recording songs for their debut album scheduled for the UK release later that year. Four of the songs were recorded in A Side Productions' studios in Stockholm. Among them was a new version of Ennio Morricone's "Nella Fantasia" taken from the motion picture "The Mission" and "Ti Ameṛ which Magnusson/Kreuger had written for the group.

A Side Productions also began working with the 21-year-old Australian actress Tammin Sursok, well-known for her leading part in the successful TV show "Home and Away". Sursok wished to pursue a singing career and had been signed by Sony Music.

Tammin Sursok

In June 2004, she came to A Side's studios to record her first single "Pointless Relationship". Some months later her debut album "Whatever Will Be" was released including three more songs produced by Magnusson / Kreuger.

On November 6, 2004, Il Divo's self-titled debut album hit the record stores. By selling more than 132,000 copies the first week, the album went straight to #1 on the UK chart where it remained in the Top 5 throughout the year. With sales well over 1,2 million in only a few weeks, "Il Divo" was now released internationally. The response was the same all over Europe as well as in Australia, Asia and South Africa. Only the US was left to capture.

Il Divo's US launching was set for the spring of 2005. Preceding the album release, the quartet went on a successful two-week mini-tour appearing and performing on major TV shows such as the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Late Show with Jay Leno. On April 19, 2005, the record came out rushing straight to #4 on the Billboard Hot 200. Only a couple of months later, Il Divo had surpassed the 4 million copies mark of global sales, reached #1 in 12 countries, Top 5 in another 25 and received a great number of platinum and gold records.

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